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Welcome to BreweryScout!

I am Justin Wilson, and for the most part, and with a little help from my friends (and wife) run this website. I really love visiting breweries, I love traveling, and exploring new places, so I have set out on a goal to visit every brewery in the United States. So far I have visited more than 150 breweries in 12 states and 3 countries, but I want to see them all!

With such a substantial goal, I am going local, when I am not traveling, for that I am starting with all of the breweries in the San Francisco Bay Area in my spare time. Beyond the Bay Area, I am working on the greater West Coast whenever I can, including Oregon, Washington, California, and Arizona. I am cataloging my brewery visits with Brewery Reviews and Events on the website.

How is BreweryScout Different Than Other Beer Blogs?

BreweryScout is different than other beer blogs in that we are not focused on reviewing only the beer produced by the breweries that we visit, we are interested in the experience. We want to know:

  • Is the Beer good?
  • Is the Food good?
  • Is the service good?
  • Is the brewery a cool place to visit?
  • How is the brewery’s website?

We also find events that breweries are participating in and do what we can to spread the word, in addition to focusing on local brewery news and beer releases that people will want to know about. We will also try and interview brewers and brewery owners to get their insights whenever we can.

With all of that said, we welcome you on our adventure! Please keep up while we visit every brewery we can!



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Justin is an IT Professional, focused on cloud, mobile infrastructure management and security with his consulting business, as well as chief bottle washer for this website. In addition to BreweryScout, Justin also runs and writes for the camping and outdoors-focused websites NextCampsite, the technology infrastructure-focused blog, and the mobile device-focused blog


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