Pizza Port Brewing Company Solana Beach

Pizza Port Brewing Company Solana Beach

Pizza Port Brewing Company LogoPizza Port Brewing Company’s Solana Beach location is located on the historic Pacific Coast Highway in north San Diego County, California, and is a staple among the locals but it is also the original home to Port Brewing Company. The brewery was originally a side project for the owners of Pizza Port, and all brewing was done in the back rooms of Pizza Port. However, Port Brewing Company quickly became successful, and was eventually spun off from Pizza Port, but Pizza Port kept brewing beers at each location, and serves up great pizza to go along with it. In addition to Solana Beach, Pizza Port Brewing Company has locations in Carlsbad, San Clemente, and Ocean Beach.

Pizza Port Brewing Company Solana Beach – Bottom Line

Pizza Port does not sound like the name of a brewery, and it shouldn’t because craft beer was not the original focus for the founders. That said we really like Pizza Port and their large line up of paired alongside great pizza. Speaking of their pizza, the pizzas they make are not your normal run of the mill pizzas, they are along the gourmet lines. The selection varies but you can usually find pizzas such as the Lahaina, which includes Canadian style bacon, pineapple, bell peppers & onions, or the Carlsbad, which includes Pesto, mesquite grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, & feta.

Each Pizza Port has a unique line up of beers because the beer is brewed at each location, and the recipes at each location are a little different. We think this variation by location is great, as it makes each location a destination and unique experience. The Solona Beach Pizza Port location is a little smaller than the other locations, and usually only has 5-7 beers on tap at a time. The line up usually includes California Honey Ale, Swamis IPA, and Ponto Pale Ale.

The bottom line on Pizza Port Solana Beach is go, but make an event out of it. Get some great pizza and craft beer and go to the beach or grab a bite and a pint before a show at the nearby Belly Up Tavern, which is an awesome live music venue.

Pizza Port Brewing Company Solana Beach Overview

Brewery Type: Brewpub
Year Founded 1987 (started brewing in 1992)
Food Served: Yes
Patio: Yes
Dogs Allowed:
Menus: Pretty much Pizza, appetizers, salads, and desserts
Our Favorite Menu Item: Pizza Vallarta – Canadian style bacon, olives, onions, & jalapeños
Wifi: No
Operating Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm Friday – Saturday: 11am – midnight
Happy Hour: 
Brewery Tours: None

 Pizza Port Brewing Company Solana Beach Beer Selection

Beer Styles/Types: IPA, Golden Ale, Pale Ale, Honey Ale
Signature Beer: Swamis IPA
Guest Beers On Tap: No
Cider On Tap: No

Getting To Pizza Port Brewing Company Solana Beach

Address: 135 N. Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Nearest City/Town: Solana Beach, California
Location: San Diego County, California

Contact Information

Phone: (858) 481-7332 Facebook: Pizza Port Brewing Company Solana Beach Facebook Page
Web: Pizza Port Brewing Company Twitter: Pizza Port Solana Beach Twitter FeedPizza Port Brewing Company Main Twitter Feed
Email: Google Plus:


Isn’t Pizza Port the same company as Port Brewing Company?

Its complicated. The founders of Pizza Port started brewing in the back of the restaurant in 1992 and serving the beer to their customers, but the Pizza Port’s beer became so successful that the brewery was spun off into it’s own company (Port Brewing Company) in 2006, and Pizza Port Brewing Company lived on serving pizza and beer at their four Southern California restaurant locations. The two breweries still share some of the same legacy beer names (i.e. Wipeout IPA), but the beers have gone in different directions under the supervision of different brewmasters.

When is the best time to go to Pizza Port Solana Beach?

We like to go to the Solana Beach location on spring and summer days to hang out on their sidewalk patio, and spend the day sipping good beer watching life on the Pacifica Coast Highway go by.

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What is on Pizza Port Brewing Company's Menu? Pizza Port primarily serves handmade gourmet pizzas, but they also have some appetizers, salads, and desserts. Their full menu can be found here.

Image Credits: Pizza Port Brewing Company

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