Costco, Your New Craft Beer Store?


Rogue GrowlerOn a recent trip to my local Costco stores, which for some odd reason is one of my favorite places to shop, I noticed that Costco has increasingly started stocking a really great selection of craft beers, including some very niche craft beers. While this may only be a local phenomenon, as Costco notoriously modifies their store’s selection based on local tastes and preferences, I was delighted to see it.

Their selection seems to be changing all of the time, but lately I have seen a rotating stock, at several Costco locations, of Green Flash Brewing, Deschutes Brewing, Rogue Brewing, and Sierra Nevada’s specialty Oliva line of beers. While Costco sells their traditional bulk versions of more mainstream beers such as Coors, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Kona Brewing Company, etc., these beers are sold usually as single 22oz bottles, and are displayed more like their wine selection. I was even shocked to see that they were selling Growlers (yes, growlers) of Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

The best part about this, however, is the prices they are selling the bottles for. Form what I have seen, Costco is selling these specialty beers for between $2-$5 less than specialty grocery and nice liquor stores (e.g. BevMo). Hell, the Rogue Growler was only $11. Yes, you read that right, $11 for a filler growler (the growler also happens to glow in the dark for some reason), which after drinking (and cleaning) you can then take to a Rogue brewpub and get refilled.

While obviously Costco’s craft beer selection will vary by location, the beer aisle is now one of our destinations when we visit to pickup other household staple items. We highly recommend you start checking your local Costco too.


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