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Mmm… Beer

Welcome to BreweryScout! I am Justin Wilson and I love craft beer and breweries, a lot! Trying new beers and visiting breweries became a passion for me and my fiance, Charmaine. We would seek out new breweries whenever and wherever we could. When we travel to new places we locate all of the breweries along the way or in town. Often these new breweries would take us to places and parts of town that we would have likely not gone to otherwise, and helped us find other great, non-brewery, things to see and do.

We have now visited more than 150 breweries, in 4 countries, and have a goal of visiting every brewery in the United States. With more than 2,400 breweries in the US and hundreds of new breweries opening every year we may never accomplish this goal, but we will drink great beer, meet new people, and and have some fun trying.

The Beginning

Having visited so many breweries it became tough to remember and track which ones we visited and which ones we wanted to go back to. To track the breweries that we visited I created a Google Map and pinned each brewery to the map. While this was great for us, it did not help when friends would ask the age old question, “What breweries are around here, and what are they like?”. To answer that question I would reference the map and send them an email with the breweries that I recommended. This was kind of a pain in the ass hassle, so we created BreweryScout.


The original BreweryScout was just a map containing locations, with no context around if the brewery was worth visiting again. BreweryScout has now evolved into an online scrapbook of our brewery visits containing reviews, info, events, photos, tips, and more. The current BreweryScout is modeled after another project of ours, NextCampsite, which provides much of the same data for finding great campsites.

In addition to brewery reviews we will share tips and tricks that we have learned along the way about getting deals on beer and what else there is to do around your brewery destination. We also share tips on beer gear and home brewing. Finally, our blog posts are a catch all for anything else related to craft beer and breweries that we think will be useful to our readers, or happens to tumble out of our mind.

BreweryScout was started by Justin Wilson, read more about him below.

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson - NextCampsiteJustin is an IT Professional, focused on cloud, mobile infrastructure management and security with his consulting business, as well as chief bottle washer for this website. In addition to BreweryScout, Justin also runs and writes for the camping and outdoors-focused websites NextCampsite, the technology infrastructure-focused blog OddJobsInTech.com, and the mobile device-focused blog EnterpriseMobileDevice.com.

Justin earned a Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Advancing Technology, and enjoys making technology work for business, but loves the outdoors, and loves maintaining BreweryScout.com, seeing it as the intersection of his passion for beer and breweries.

Feel free to contact Justin at justin@breweryscout.com.